A release date and beta news

So after a long winter hibernation I decided to emerge to reveal a few more details about the upcoming release of a beta build of the game with a few enhanced features and access to the second world. I also have set a release date target that I’m very committed to hitting, so I will get that out of the way first.

May 8 2014 is the tentative release date for the initial PC, iOS, and Android versions of Swipecart

The final game will feature three worlds and depending on the reception it gets the plan could be to periodically add more worlds with more obstacles. Keep in mind the game has a very intuitive level editor and tracks can be uploaded and shared so anyone can play them. The number of official tracks at release is around ~60 but user created tracks could add dozens if not hundreds more eventually.

Now for something cool that I’ve been wanting to add since the very beginning of the game, in the spirit of competition of course.


Yes, you can now race against yourself when replaying a track over again. This can be quite useful for getting a better time and in general just seemed like a fun idea to implement. Now of course getting gold medals should be difficult, but having a little competition to drive you to improve helps just a bit.

The build should be ready soon for a beta release, just a bit of world 2 polish left, and then time to unleash the game on a few more folks. And then its onto the home stretch building a fiery volcano world for the final act.