Trailer and Steam Greenlight

So first off, the trailer for Swipecart is out!

Here are a couple of gameplay videos as well since why not.



As a way to get a bit of additional exposure, I’ve also launched a greenlight page. I have no idea what to expect since this isn’t the typical target game for this audience, but maybe it will stick in some people’s heads.

Click for Steam Greenlight Page.

That’s all for now. Still desperately trying to finish the game!

Beta Released! And May 8 release date!

The long awaited new beta  release of Swipecart is finally done after I crunched down trying to finish up all the tracks for the final game. There are numerous improvements including:

  • Smaller file size due to music compression
  • Ghost racers to compete against when trying to improve your times
  • Improved tutorial and intro experience

Download it here for PC/Windows

Play it here in browser

The full game will (hopefully) be released May 8 2014 for PC (undecided on which channels yet), iOS, and Android.