Swipecart Alpha v0.0.11a update

An updated version of Swipecart has been released that fixes several important issues and adds a few things to the current alpha release.

  • Fixed exploit allowing the skipping of levels (oops)
  • Fixed exploit allowing unlimited gems (double oops)
  • Just plain took out all developer commands
  • Added help button to editor
  • Added portrait clicking and set swapping to the garage UI
  • Added BATS 
  •  bat_animated

Get Swipecart Alpha v0.0.11a here for Windows PC.

In addition the HTML5 Browser version has been updated to 0.0.11a, though there are issues with syncing profiles with the web version. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the latest version.

Here are a list of things currently being worked on:

  • Mailing items to other players
  • Rewards for finishing collections
  • Achievements
  • A guided story/quest journal
  • A score attack/infinite runner mode

Stay tuned for more updates on the current state of the game.